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Yuhuan Luke Clutch Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery and convenient traffic island city - Yuhuan. Is one of the most professional production of automotive clutch pressure plate assembly clutch parts auto parts manufacturers. The company has advanced equipment, complete testing technology and scientific management system to create a long-standing resistance to high-end automobile clutch parts. Companies use innovation and development of the concept, beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence; has been thriving to technological innovation as a source of power beyond the self; has been committed to product quality improvement, convinced that product quality is the life.
Since the day when we are involved in the automotive industry the enthusiasm for quality is always the same.We look at the products which create quality life as the biggest return for us.We also consider it our own responsibility to explore and win the heard trust from our customers by the solid quality to make GLOBAL go ahead according ly.

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